Xavier Vilajoana’s Interview (President of Construmat): “Our aim at Construmat is to stay a relevant resource for the industry.”

After the enormously successful return of Construmat, how are you approaching the 2024 edition? We are going ahead with great excitement and confidence after having witnessed the industry’s backing of the show’s new value proposal and the great influx of visitors and participation of last year’s edition. What aims do you have for Construmat 2024? The main aim…

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Casas pasivas en Morelia/ México. Morelia tiene un clima muy moderado (Happy climate), que permite la construcción de casas pasivas con cristal simple y sin la necesidad de poner una recuperación de calor, foto M.Wassouf

The Passivhaus, the Passivhaus Standard and the nZEB, a convergence towards quality construction

By Micheel Wassouf – CEO Energiehaus Arquitectos. It may not be as intriguing as a police novel, but the acronym nZEB (Nearly Zero Energy Buildings) has captivated the world of construction in 2018, still leaving us to wonder how the film will pan out. Meanwhile, another key player, the Passivhaus standard, is becoming more and more prominent in Spain.

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Interview with Jesús Gracia, a delegate of Civil Works in Catalonia for the Construction Department of the company Sorigué

By Miriam Giordano. We spoke with the representative from Sorigué, winner of the BBConstrumat Award in the "Infrastructure Construction Works" category for the Les Hortes de Caldes and Plaça del Sindicat Car Park, on site at works being carried out right now: the new ICL salt loading and transport terminal in the Port of Barcelona.

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Aeropuerto Jewel Changi de Singapur de Safdie Architects | Foto: Suhaimi Abdullah / Getty Images

Biophilia and architecture: trend or necessity?

By Silvia Pujalte, Landscape Architect. And what would biophilia have to do with architecture and building? Biophilic design may sound like science fiction to us, but it is nothing more than trying to incorporate elements of nature in the spaces we inhabit.

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“Technology is a fundamental ally in the construction of the Sagrada Familia”

Interview with Fernando Villa, Building and Technology Director of the Sagrada Familia, by Miriam Giordano Some of the Sagrada Familia's large beams will be used as features of the common areas at BBConstrumat 2019, and shall be removed and reused after the trade show days. We talk about this initiative and the challenges of building the temple with Fernando Villa, Building and Technology Director of the Sagrada Familia.

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Architecture and Design without Barriers

BBConstrumat 2019, in its "Interior Lovers" programme of conferences and workshops, aims to shine the spotlight on current interior design trends that converge the uses of various types of areas, such as Retail, Contract, Living spaces and Office work spaces, thus breaking down their spatial and conceptual barriers.

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Green façades or why to garden vertically

By Silvia Pujalte, Landscape Architect. Today green façades are an increasingly common resource to replace the lack of greenery in corporate buildings, hotels, restaurants or even in residential buildings, where every metre counts, and horizontal gardening is not always affordable.

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