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After the enormously successful return of Construmat, how are you approaching the 2024 edition?

We are going ahead with great excitement and confidence after having witnessed the industry’s backing of the show’s new value proposal and the great influx of visitors and participation of last year’s edition.

What aims do you have for Construmat 2024?

The main aim is to continue being a useful tool for the industry, becoming a lever for its growth and a space where exhibitors can do business and visitors can discover the best of what’s new out there. After a great reception last year of the show’s new value proposal, this year we will be doubling down and are planning for sizeable growth in the upcoming event. We strongly believe we will go from 200 to 300 exhibitors, from 400 to 600 brands, and from 16,000 to 22,500 visitors; overall around 50% growth.

What will be the main areas and new products?

In order to match the increased product offer, we will be moving from hall 1 to hall 2 in the Gran Via venue, thus gaining up to 10,000 m² in net surface area. As far as the contents are concerned, we will be holding a larger congress, called the Sustainable Building Congress, which will be focusing on sustainability as the main vector for the industry’s innovation. With 80 sessions, real projects will be presented that place a high value on materials, construction systems and new technologies for responsible building. A new workshop area will be created that will feature training events and hands-on workshops; an exhibit of startups and an investor’s forum; a space to display the latest innovations from the world of smart construction; a section reserved for wood construction, as well as the Construmat Awards, which will be held in conjunction with the prestigious Mies Van der Rohe Foundation.

Will the focus once again be on sustainability?

That’s right, the cornerstone of Construmat will once again be sustainability. It’s clear that this is the most engaging challenge that the construction industry has ahead of it, and as the main show in Spain, it’s obvious that we too must make a firm commitment to making strides in this direction. It comes as no surprise that the European Union has set very ambitious decarbonisation targets for the coming decades, which can only be met if there is a sea change in the way we build and manufacture.

What has the response been from the industry?

Very satisfactory. From day one we have noted the industry’s backing and support to the new direction we took up last year. Construmat is a historic brand with more than 40 years behind it, so you can truly feel the esteem the show awakens in stakeholders across the building industry. All, without exception, are striving to bring it back to its rightful place. In fact, the main associations, schools and guilds representing the industry, nearly 50 strong, in Catalonia and Spain alike, are collaborating in hosting the show. These include the APCE (which I represent as chairman in Catalonia and vice-chairman in Spain), ANERR, ASOMA, ASEFAVE, Cateb, CCOC, CGATE, CNC, COAC, COAM, CSCAE, Fundación Laboral de la Construción, Guilds, ITeC, Pimec, the Passivhaus Platform, or PTEC, and many more.

Barcelona, November 2, 2023