Sustainable Building Congress

At the Sustainable Building Congress, sustainability isn’t merely a topic of conversation; it’s our daily commitment and the core of the construction transformation.

We will delve into captivating thematic journeys that cover innovative materials, advanced technologies, and construction solutions – all within a tangible dedication to sustainability.

Explore the future of sustainable construction and actively participate in this revolution.

Specific themes

Sustainability from the Ground Up

It forms our core and unfolds through three axes

Decarbonization and Circular Economy

Decarbonization and Circular Economy

Solutions that reduce the carbon footprint and embrace the circular economy. From materials and processes to the final project, we explore how construction can lead decarbonization and adopt more circular practices.

Solutions and
Digital Technologies

Solutions and
Digital Technologies

Discover the convergence of construction and technology. From digital tools to smart solutions, we explore how digital technologies are shaping the present and future of sustainable construction.

Construction Systems

Construction Systems

Delve into the efficiency and sustainability of industrialized construction systems. From prefabrication to efficient execution, we examine how these systems are transforming the way we build, optimizing resources, and reducing environmental impacts.


The most anticipated event for all professionals in 2024

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The Congress agenda for #Construmat

Make sure to note down the sessions you shouldn't miss!

Regeneración Urbana  Decarbonization & Circular Economy

Solución prefabricada para puente de grandes luces / cubierta prefabricada la Sagrera

Industrialized Construction Systems

Digitalización y modernización del sector de la construcción

Solutions & Digital Technologies

La Nueva Estación Madrid-Chamartín Clara Campoamor Decarbonization & Circular Economy
InnoFAB. Un Modelo Industrializado de Rehabilitación de Viviendas Industrialized Construction Systems
Robótica para una construcción sostenible Solutions & Digital Technologies
Arquitectura saludable como impulso a la descarbonización Decarbonization & Circular Economy
Lycée Français Charles Lapierre de Lisboa Decarbonization & Circular Economy

The speakers at the Congress

We have the best experts on board.
Here are some of the first confirmed ones:

Emanuelle Patte

Founder of Méandre ETC

Antonio Burgueño

Sustainability Director at FCC

Sònia Hdez-Montaño Bou

Founder of Arquitectura Sana

Jaafar Sijelmassi

Founder of Sijelmassi & Partners
VP of GBC Morocco

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