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It would not be difficult to provide a theorem to assert that the vast majority of important inventions in the history of mankind would end up, sooner or later, transformed into weapons with a thousand twisted, ingenious and unpleasant devices: fire, metals, radioactivity and drugs. What is not so common is that the person behind the discovery would end up realising this fact.

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Batlle i Roig

Always the same atoms

Reflections on the boundary between the worlds of new-build and building renovation could help to change people's attitudes towards projects by tackling them with greater flexibility, regardless of their type.

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Cristales curvos de Cricursa en la década de los 40

The tradition of novelty

One of the corollaries of last month's article leads us to comment on the role that companies have played in innovation in every field of knowledge from past centuries through to the present day, particularly in the world of construction.

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