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This entails working in two complementary fields: on one hand, we have to continue providing a source of reference with our contents, drawing on the knowledge of our associates, and, on the other hand, we must communicate and disseminate this content to the broadest possible audience. The contents are defined in projects, the communication takes place at events.

With the magnificent showcase provided by Barcelona Building Construmat, GBCe will bring its content to the Exhibition and, in turn, BB Construmat will provide us with a platform to communicate to an audience that is still not fully aware of the need to move the market towards more sustainable building.

The projects that are developed within the GBCe are aimed at building knowledge and defining references, in terms of good practices, indicators, strategies, impact measurement, or creating awareness. We are currently immersed in different projects of our own and also others with which we cooperate to take the industry forward.

With the Ministry of Civil Works, we are developing a tool that helps expedite the integral restoration of government buildings. The tool provides references and guidelines so that decisions are made taking into account each building’s specific needs. Or the BUILD UPON project, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme, sponsored and coordinated by GBCe, but developed with 13 European GBCs. The goal is to assist European governments in the task of reviewing national energy rehabilitation strategies. BUILD UPON has reached out to thousands of industry players through hundreds of workshops organized in all the EU countries, to ensure that the strategy reflects the vision of the entire building industry. Or the review, updating and reactivation of the Catalan Strategy for Energy Rehabilitation of Buildings, which is a project we have undertaken with a very powerful group of associates in Catalonia. Or smaller but no less important projects such as guiding the Barcelona Provincial Council in defining sustainability indicators for its public tenders, or assisting our associates when they need an expert or a speaker.

All of these projects are instruments for acquiring shared knowledge, with the involvement of all stakeholders. And the effort required to perform these projects is only meaningful if afterwards we communicate and disseminate the results. And explain how this work helps bring about a real transformation of the construction market. We must be involved in defining global visions, national and regional strategies, in measuring impacts, certifying building excellence in sustainability with the VERDEGBCe tool, in training building professionals. These are GBCe’s current challenges.
The Spanish construction industry has had a very difficult decade but we have been working harder than ever. Through our efforts, integral building restoration has now become an industry segment whose economic importance and social significance equal or exceed those of the new build segment. Society now understands and accepts that we must work from the principle of the limited availability of natural resources. This limitation forces us to continue investigating and developing new answers, new products, new systems. And that creates jobs, improves our habitat and protects the environment. Which are the foundations for sustainability.

So, with all these projects in progress, we will be coming to BB Construmat, the perfect scenario for broadcasting them, for making contact with professionals, companies, organizations and everyone involved in building a new future for the construction industry.

See you at Barcelona Building Construmat!