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For the future of the sector

1. The construction sector has started to grow again, and has very significant horizon for expansion if it is to adapt to the new times by means of efficiency and competitiveness.

2. Innovation, digitalisation, internationalisation and sustainability are the keys to recovery in the sector.

3. Regeneration, urban transformation and the management of public spaces opening up new opportunities for the sector.

4. A new legislative framework on environmental issues which will create a shift of paradigm in the sector.

5. Improvement in specialised manpower training, fundamental for a high-quality sector.

6. The end consumer must perceive that development in the sector will benefit people.

And the key role of BBConstrumat

7. BBConstrumat is the only trade fair platform in Spain which represents every sector in the construction industry and the instrument that Fira de Barcelona puts at its service to support recovery.

8. In 2007, the construction sector accounted for 25% of GDP, whilst in 2018 it represented only 7%. A platform like BBConstrumat will help the sector achieve between 10% and 12% of GDP.

9. The Fira de Barcelona construction trade show is committed to innovation and digitalisation to support the sector in its necessary transformation.

10. BBConstrumat must find a balance between tradition and innovation and encompass a future marked by technology.

11. The trade fair must integrate all the interrelated sectors and include the auxiliary industry.

12. The sector must continue to participate and strengthen its support for BBConstrumat as the leading trade show event which supports it in facing the challenges of present and future arising at the time.

This document was the fruit of a meeting held in February this year at the facilities of PLANTA, a project promoted by Sorigué and its foundation in Balaguer (Lleida), which was attended, by Fira de Barcelona, Constantí Serrallonga, the Managing Director of Fira de Barcelona; Ana Vallés, the President of the Sorigué Group and of BBConstrumat; Salvador Tasqué, the Director of Negocio Propio; Josep Jonàs, the Director of the Sustainability and Infrastructure Business Unit; and Ione Ruete, the fair’s Director.

As representatives from the construction sector, Teresa Casas, the President of the Institute of Interior Designers of Catalonia, attended; as well as Lluís Comerón, the President of the Higher Council of the Associations of Architects of Spain and ITeC; Joaquim Llansó, the President of the Chamber of Contractors of Works of Catalonia; Sebastià Alegre, the President of the Catalan Federation of Industry, Commerce and Construction Services; Jordi Gosalves, the President of the Association of Quantity Surveyors, Technical Architects and construction Engineers of Barcelona; Josep Gassiot, the President of the Guild of Building Constructors of Barcelona and its Counties; Assumpció Puig, the Dean of the Institute of Architects of Catalonia; Xavier Font, the Dean of the Institute of Technical Engineers of Public Works of Catalonia; Josep Canós, the Dean of the Official Institute of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia; Miquel Darnés, the Dean of the Institute of Graduate Engineers and Industrial Technicians of Barcelona; Lucía López Alé, the General Director of the Construction Work Foundation of Catalonia; Xavier López, the Corporate and Operations Director of Eurecat; Jordi Bolea, the Coordinator of Circular Economy of Green Building Council Spain; and Jaume Puig, the Manager of the Arid Guild.