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Exhibit here & grow

Working towards zero waste

Sustainable Barcelona Building Construmat is an initiative launched by the trade show organisers with the goal of reducing the generation of waste and increasing the efficient use of our resources, working on a strategic plan to make our cities more efficient, inclusive and sustainable.

It is based on the three main ways to generate less waste in line with the strategy of the European Commission on the Circular Economy:


Cutting down on the use of materials


Reusing and recycling products


Not generating food waste

Our initiatives to maximise sustainability

We reuse

At the end of the event, all the paper and material used in the stands and exhibition areas were collected so that it can be reused.

We ensure carbon neutrality

Compensation of GHG emissions associated with the organisation of the event and the participation of all speakers (including travel and time spent in Barcelona) by funding high quality carbon offset projects.

Use fewer materials

We distributed QR codes in strategic places of the venue to download the app, thus promoting electronic management and avoiding the use of paper.

Introduced electronic management in billing and service subscription procedures.

No need for carpeting in the fair

At the event, it was decided not to lay carpet to reduce the total volume of waste generated, the environmental footprint and the CO2 emissions related to the transport of this material.

Sustainable water consumption

The event had water sources provided by the firm Happyagua.

This action was accompanied by recycled cardboard cups, to avoid the purchase of single-use plastics.

We produce no food waste

The NGO Nutrition Without Borders collected the remaining food so that it could be distributed and used by community kitchens.

We offer sustainable catering

All restaurant and catering equipment in the fair was served with compostable utensils from PEFC stamped companies.

Design of recyclable lanyards

Participants’ badges and lanyards were made from recyclable materials and were collected at the end of the event.

Furniture and decoration of forest origin

Contracting and purchase of products of forest origin with PEFC certification.

We recycle

Recycling bins were distributed in the enclosure to separate plastic, paper and organic waste.