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Biobuilding in architecture:

sustainable healthy buildings

During the trade fair we built a house in wood following sustainability principles to showcase the techniques and practices required to build sustainable, healthy and energy-efficient homes.

Construmat realises that building in a sustainable way is an urgent need for the industry.


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We know that the best way to learn about innovation is seeing it in real life

This live project provided an opportunity to work with real materials at full size, touch and see the project at the fair and discover the true potential of this sector.

Our wooden house was mainly built from three materials: wood, cork and straw, which are innovative, sustainable, natural, organic, low-tech, reusable materials that do not contain any chemicals harmful to human health.

The cork

Cork is a renewable material and a thermal insulator that protects against radioactivity and keeps out water.

The straw

Straw provides much greater indoor comfort than other commonly used materials like concrete and plastic.

Green building

The roofs, facades and interior will be covered with plants and vegetation.

The wood

This local material, harvested in the Pyrenees and the Basque Country, provides thermal insulation for homes.