Architecture must be human, just like wood is.

Sustainable, efficient and healthy construction for a more human habitat.

The “eco-sustainable neighbourhood” will return to CONSTRUMAT in 2024 to provide ideal solutions and reveal new ways of building that are more consistent with emerging values and social demands.

Building more sustainably is no longer an option, it’s an inescapable necessity.

Wood is constructive and it hasn’t come to replace anything, but rather to create dialogue with everything.

At Construmat we know that there’s an urgent need for sustainable construction within the industry.

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We know that the best way of experiencing innovation is putting in into practice

This live project provides an opportunity to work with real materials and dimensions, touching them, viewing them in situ and discovering the sector’s true scope.

The wooden house was constructed with three main elements (wood, cork and straw) and other plant fibres constituting sustainable, innovative, organic, natural, low tech and reusable materials without any chemical components that are harmful to health..


This local material, extracted from Spanish forests of Spain, brings a structure and thermal comfort to the home.


This is a renewable material and a thermal insulator that provides protection against radioactivity and acts as a barrier against water.

Constructive green

The roofs, façades and interiors are covered with plants and vegetation. Beauty and insulation.

Green and efficient energy

We can’t just reduce the consumption of energy, we also have to rationalise its generation. Homes can be energy-efficient islands.

Plant fibres

What was once rejected in the past can now be a useful and efficient component. Straw, ears of rice, corn, sunflowers. Tons of idle waste that have been converted into valuable resources..