Construmat gives recognition of the Pallars building, the hospital annexes for Covid and the Corrochip project

They receive the TOP3 distinction in the themes of industrialization, sustainability and digitization

The tallest wooden residential building in Barcelona, the multipurpose hospital spaces built in Catalonia during the pandemic and a sensor system that warns of concrete corrosion have been the projects selected in Construmat’s TOP3. And all the three projects were awarded in the program of the Construmat’23 Congress.


TOP3 Construmat 2023 projects!


Pallars Building. Wooden residential building project

Wooden residential block, with seven floors and roof, which is currently being built in the Besòs i Maresme neighbourhood of Barcelona. They are 42 social rental homes, promoted by the Municipal Housing Institute in which techniques are applied to reduce the environmental impact and the execution period, through industrialized wood from sustainable forests and most of the pieces used are prefabricated.


Project for five new multi-purpose hospital spaces in Catalonia during Covid

The five temporary expansions of hospitals promoted by the Catalan Health Service during the pandemic that increased the medical care capacity by 490 beds, have been recognized in the industrialization theme.

In just 20 weeks and thanks to the use of off-site and modular construction solutions, between September 2020 and February 2021, five new annex spaces were built at the Bellvitge University Hospital, the Pere Virgili Parc Sanitari Hospital, Arnau University Hospital in Vilanova de Lleida, Moisés Broggi Hospital and Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital in Badalona.


Corrochip project. Intelligent monitoring of strategic concrete infrastructure

The digitisation project award has been given to Corrochip, a smart monitoring system for strategic concrete infrastructures designed by Witeklab and developed with partners such as SOCOTEC that has already been deployed in port, river and highway infrastructures, amongst many others.

By means of sensors embedded in the concrete, the technology acts as a sentinel that detects the moment at which corrosion begins and monitors the state of the steel reinforcement in real time. It is thus possible to analyse their deterioration with a high degree of reliability and anticipate situations that can undermine the integrity of the structure, extend its useful life, reduce maintenance costs and guarantee its safety.

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