48M2 1. 2C
48M2 V1. 3C


Early Bird: 15.095 €

(309€/m2 additional)


• Platform finished in white melamine.

• Double joinery wall at 2.9m high and finished in white.

• Perimeter frontage of 0.4×0.1m with white opal methacrylate on the bottom.

• Storeroom 2x2x3.9m high and finished in white.


• 2 round tables (Ø80cm) white.

• 4 Jacobsen model chairs, white.

• 2 wood counters (1×0.5x1m) white.

• 2 stools.


Electricity and lighting:

• 5KW electrical switchboard.

• 4 x 500 W plugs embedded in the wooden floor.

• Lighting with arm track halogens. .

• Two 1.5×2.15m high light boxes with printed backlight canvas and tower lighting



• 2 cut vinyls with the name of the exhibitor in red.

• 4 x 1.5x1m high forex for signage (4 sides on top of the tower).

• 2 backlight canvases printed on one side in colour, 1.5×2.15m high.

• 2 x 1x1m high forex for counters.

• 6.5x2m high frontlight canvas.

• 3 frontlight canvases 1.25x2m high


Services included:

• 300 electronic invitations

• 10 exhibitor passes

• Wi-Fi

• 4 Parking Tickets

• Breakfast tray each day

• Cleaning


We take a step forward in sustainability and promote the reduction, reuse, recycling and valorising of waste generated in the assembly of the stands.