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Area Export Manager | ΙSOMAT Thessaloniki, Grecia
George Pyrros


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Decorative Floorings: Demonstrations & Tips

Kyriakos Samaridis
Kyriakos Samaridis ΙSOMAT Head of Technical Training & Testing Hub Speaker
George Pyrros
George Pyrros ΙSOMAT Area Export Manager Speaker

22-05-2024 12:20 22-05-2024 13:20 Europe/Madrid Decorative Floorings: Demonstrations & Tips
STONE CARPET: Decorative floor blending seamlessly with the natural surroundings thanks to the naturally occurring colored aggregates
FLAKE FLOORING: Versatile flake flooring providing increased durability along with a stunning result
MICROCEMENT COATINGS: Drawing inspira on by the Mediterranean architecture, they evoke a sense of tranquility, elegance, and timelessness
DECORATIVE ACRYLIC COATINGS: Ultra-smooth decorative surfaces with a microcement-like finish
Beach-entry pool systems designed for a high-end aesthetic and upscale experience
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