Yara Tayoun

Robotics Lab R+D Manager | IAAC Barcelona, Spain
Yara Tayoun


Yara Tayoun is an architect and researcher specialising in the digital and technological transition of circular processes in architecture and design. She’s built up her experience in manufacturing and design engineering, working on co-creating circular resource flows in cities and fostering early-stage innovation by bridging the gap between academic research and the players in the industry. She’s currently the Research and Development Manager of


Conference 20' | Sustainable Building Congress

Sustainable construction robotics

Yara Tayoun
Yara Tayoun IAAC Robotics Lab R+D Manager Speaker

#automatización, #robótica

23-05-2024 11:50 23-05-2024 12:10 Europe/Madrid Sustainable construction robotics

As the construction industry faces challenges in reducing its ecological footprint and increasing productivity, new technologies such as computational design, digital fabrication, IoT, robotics and artificial intelligence offer the promise of affordable, fast, sustainable and customisable architecture.  

Thu 23 11:50h - 12:10h Talks