Toni Postius Terrado

Commercial Director | PMP Lleida, Spain
Toni Postius Terrado


Round Table 45' | Sustainable Building Congress

10 years of industrialisation in the construction industry

Toni Postius Terrado
Toni Postius Terrado PMP Commercial Director Moderador/Presentador
Miguel Angel Angulo
Miguel Angel Angulo Metropolitan House Speaker
Javier Burón Cuadrado
Javier Burón Cuadrado Navarra de Suelo y Vivienda – NASUVINSA Director Gerente Speaker
Montse Pujol Torrent
Montse Pujol Torrent PMP Managing Director Speaker
Susana Moya Segura
Susana Moya Segura Gloval Speaker

#eficiencia, #sistemasconstructivos, #soluciones

23-05-2024 16:15 23-05-2024 17:00 Europe/Madrid 10 years of industrialisation in the construction industry

This round table aims to debate the role of industrialisation in the construction industry. Providing points of view, assessing progress (fast or slow) in the industry, etc., approaching it from a sustainability, digitalisation, resource optimisation, etc., point of view. What are the benefits? Who benefits the most? Builders, developers, clients, public administration, etc? All of them? Present and future? What lies ahead? Let's look at it from the 2030 Agenda.

Thu 23 16:15h - 17:00h Auditorium