Míriam Sánchez López

Director of Architecture | PMP Barcelona, Spain
Míriam Sánchez López


With a degree in Architecture, Míriam Sánchez is the Director of Architecture with the PMP Group. He defines himself as a creative and innovative person who is rational and pragmatic at the same time. The perfect combination to develop functional, practical and very comfortable homes, but without forgetting the aesthetics and beauty that architecture always pursues. His obsession? Getting users to ultimately interact with spaces in exactly the


Conference 20' | Sustainable Building Congress

The Khanvian System applied to a multi-family high-rise building

Míriam Sánchez López
Míriam Sánchez López PMP Director of Architecture Speaker
Antoni Sáez Antón
Antoni Sáez Antón PMP Speaker

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23-05-2024 10:50 23-05-2024 11:10 Europe/Madrid The Khanvian System applied to a multi-family high-rise building

This presentation aims to explain the Khanvian construction system (a new patented system) applied to a multi-family high-rise building. We intend it to be an informative lecture for professionals focusing, once again, on industrialisation and a new revolutionary system, which is unique in the market.

Thu 23 10:50h - 11:10h Talks