Eduardo Brunet

Founder & CEO | Green Finance Institute España Madrid, Spain
Eduardo Brunet


Expert in banking, renewable energy and green financing with over 25 years’ experience at multinationals such as Santander, Ge Capital and Iberdrola.


Round table | Sustainable Building Congress

Urban Regeneration

Sergio García-Gasco Lominchar
Sergio García-Gasco Lominchar CSCAE General Coordinator of the 2030 Observatory Moderador/Presentador
Carles Donat Muñoz
Carles Donat Muñoz Observatori Metropolitá de l’Habitage de Barcelona Co-director of the Barcelona Metropolitan Housing Observatory Speaker
Mar Santamaria
Mar Santamaria 300.000kms Founder Partner Speaker
Eduardo Brunet
Eduardo Brunet Green Finance Institute España Founder & CEO Speaker
Miguel Hernández
Miguel Hernández Crea Madrid Nuevo Norte Head of Strategy Speaker
David Martínez García
David Martínez García Ajuntament de Barcelona Manager of Urban Planning Speaker

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21-05-2024 11:00 21-05-2024 12:00 Europe/Madrid Urban Regeneration

Urban centres are in continuous transformation to adapt to social and economic changes and the needs of their inhabitants and users in general. Spatial and urban planning have a very direct impact on people's lives and the regeneration of the oldest and most central areas of cities is a crucial aspect to improve the quality of life of their inhabitants. Moreover, the environmental impact of cities is key to the sustainability of the planet and must be adjusted to the sustainable parameters of which we are already well aware.

These challenges require a structural strategy to revitalise and improve people's quality of life, balancing economic growth with the preservation of cultural heritage, the improvement of public services, the creation of accessible public spaces, the housing stock, productive fabrics and the need to address the obsolescence of urban infrastructure. public amenities

Tue 21 11:00h - 12:00h Auditorium