Dario López Fernández

President | Colegio Orense Ourense, Spain
Dario López Fernández


Technical Architect at the Polytechnic University of A Coruña. Holds a degree in Building Engineering from the Camilo José Cela University. Liberal Professional since 1997. Urban Development Advisor to Arnoia City Council, Ourense Municipal Council Officer since 2003, currently Head of the ITE [Technical Building Inspection] Technical Office and Urban Development Regulation and Compliance.


Round table | Sustainable Building Congress

Digitisation and modernisation of the building sector

Rafael Luna González
Rafael Luna González Colegio Huelva President Moderador/Presentador
José Carlos Claro Ponce
José Carlos Claro Ponce Colegio Sevilla Speaker
Mario Sanz López
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Jerónimo Alonso Martín
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Dario López Fernández
Dario López Fernández Colegio Orense President Speaker

21-05-2024 15:35 21-05-2024 16:30 Europe/Madrid Digitisation and modernisation of the building sector Auditorium
Tue 21 15:35h - 16:30h Auditorium