Antonio Espinar Navarro

FP Observatory Researcher | Fundació BCN Formació Professional Barcelona, Spain
Antonio Espinar Navarro


Researcher at the Vocational Education and Training Observatory. He has been a consultant in the planning of public policies for regional development, a socioeconomic analyst and has coordinated, from the public administration, public projects of economic promotion focused on multiple sectors.


Conference 30' | Sustainable Building Congress

Sustainable construction in terms of VET

Angel Tarriño Ruiz
Angel Tarriño Ruiz Fundació BCN FP Coordinator of the Vocational Education and Training Observatory Moderador/Presentador
Antonio Espinar Navarro
Antonio Espinar Navarro Fundació BCN Formació Professional FP Observatory Researcher Speaker
Lorena Ventura Calvo
Lorena Ventura Calvo Barcelona Activa Speaker

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23-05-2024 15:55 23-05-2024 16:25 Europe/Madrid Sustainable construction in terms of VET

Construction is currently undergoing a sustainable and digital transition. The BCN Professional Training Foundation has prepared a study that analyses the fit between this transition for the sector and the vocational training system, identifying trends with an impact on the demand for talent and emerging professional profiles that are difficult to cover.

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