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Design for Modular Construction, Opportunities for Whole Life-Cycle Carbon Reduction

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Prof. Dafir Mann M.A.
DEWAN Architects + Engineers
CIAAD Professional Member
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22 de mayo 2024

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10:00 - 13:00h


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A certified Senior Projects Development Manager with over 20 years of experience in construction industry from Europe, MENA & GCC region. Has a proven track record of managing major projects from inception to the submission of final construction documents and coordination with construction on building sites. Mr. Mann’s specialization is urban design and planning of public spaces. He has worked on assignments including master planning, hospitality and tourism developments, residential, commercial buildings, as well as educational establishments. Moreover, he has experience from construction sites and dealing with international suppliers.
Studies, travels, and work experience in several countries (Bahrain, Denmark, Egypt, Japan, Italy, Iraq, USA, England, KSA and UAE).
Further, he acts as a Lecturer for Masters Level in Architecture and Urban Design in UAE, and a Jury member for international competitions and graduation projects.

Dewan Architects + Engineers, is a leading multi-disciplinary architectural and engineering consulting firm, established in 1984, and now operating out of offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Barcelona, Baghdad, Riyadh, Cairo, and Manila. Dewan is currently staffed with over 600 professionals who are actively engaged in an extensive portfolio of prestigious developments in various countries across the Middle and Far East, Africa, and Central Asia.


Design for Modular Construction, Opportunities for Whole Life-Cycle Carbon Reduction



The built environment consumes nearly half of the world’s extracted raw materials, and construction industry causes about a third of the total amount of waste


How can we contribute to the reduction of the negative environmental impact and carbon
footprint of the construction sector?


As most other major industries have evolved to rely on more industrial and automated processes, it’s seen as inevitable that the building industry will do the same


The process by which components of a building are prefabricated off-site in a controlled setting and then shipped to the project site and assembled.


Design for disassembly