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Society's new challenges are the sector's new challenges

A discussion forum for understanding the future as an opportunity for growth

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+ 400 m2 dedicated to refletcion and debate

Conferences, talks and round tables to discuss and share ideas on these topical subjects that are set to define the future in the medium and long term.

The major themes of the 2017 edition

Social Housing Congress


A forum for debate and reflection involving representatives from every discipline connected to social housing, from public administrations to private enterprise: architecture, urbanism, technology, legal professionals, etc.

  • The power of citizens in the conceptualisation, planning and execution of housing projects.
  • Housing policies and collective housing projects from the perspectives of urban planning, morphology, classification and environmental function.
  • Analysis of projects from the perspectives of management, multifunctional models, emergency housing and building renovation.


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Ajuntament de Barcelona


Innovation Congress


  • Observation: Good practices that monitor building conditions to identify opportunities for reinvention. These practices are in some cases more closely related to ethnography, market research and materials evaluation - areas that have become essential for designers and business managers.
  • Invention: Presentation of inventions successfully reformulating the way in which building relates to everyday life.
  • Association: A discussion about the process of obtaining support, funding, patents, etc.
  • Scaling: Scaling is on one hand the point at which invention and innovation are most relevant, but at the same time when new processes begin - maintenance, customer care, guarantees, monitoring, product updating, recycling, catalogue management and rebranding.


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Andres Jaque Architects

Circular Economy Congress


How the construction sector needs to go from a linear economic model based on producing, consuming and eliminating to a circular model based on reducing, reusing and recycling waste.

  • The circular economy as a generator of employment.
  • Design of ‘products' to be deconstructed. The circular economy turns waste into raw materials, the paradigm of the system of the future.
  • New opportunities for economic growth and promoting innovation.
  • Improving economic results while reducing the consumption of resources
  • Climate change and the environmental impact of the use of resources.
  • Eco-design: how to integrate environmental impacts from the conception of a product through its entire lifecycle.
  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The rule of the three Rs (3R).


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Economia Circular

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A discussion forum for understanding the future as an opportunity for growth

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