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A living, experiential space of more than 2000 square metres devoted to innovations and the latest trends.

Unique in Europe.

The 2017 Future Arena in pictures

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Innovation seen, touched, considered and experienced

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Zone Technology centres and universities

A space organized into the six phases that make up a building's lifecycle, featuring the most innovative research projects in the sector implemented by the most cutting-edge universities and technology centres.

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1. Screening
  • Virtual Reality: Intuitive techniques for exploring virtual environments in a truly immersive way, projects in the context of their location, real-time calculation of solar exposure maps, human interaction with buildings, and more.
  • BimporTABLE: Interactive table for collaborative working.


2. Materials

The exhibition presented an itinerary from innovation in the industry, through a representation of materials commercially available, to the research and experimentation, represented in projects of universities and research centers, offering a complete market and future research analysis.


3. Site execution

Combining technological advances in robotics (cable robots and drones), natural materials and CAD/CAM software, the project's objective is to take automation to the construction site itself, allowing both the production of high-performance buildings and real-time monitoring during the construction process.

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4. Finished building

Integration of the IoT in the personalisation of homes and buildings and its interactivity with different devices to generate a learning capacity and anticipate the needs of the building and its inhabitants.

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5. Building Renovation

Detection of pathologies in building façades using tools such as digitisation with Leica BLK laser, rehabilitation with KUKA, Building Information Modelling (BIM), simulations and computer-assisted fabrication and storytelling.

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6. Circular economy

How the construction sector needs to go from a linear economic model based on production, consumption and elimination to a circular model based on reducing, reusing and recycling waste.

logo Circular Economy

logo Circular Economy

logo Conceptos Plásticos

7. BIM

A virtual environment for learning about BIM, how it affects you, how to adapt to it and what will be the trends of the future.

logo Stanfor University

Zone Showroom

Display of the most pioneering materials and products being shown by exhibitors at the show.

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The very latest in:
  • Interior space: flooring, wall coverings, stoneware, kitchens, bathrooms, paints, furniture, etc.
  • Building envelope: claddings, structures, renewable energies, electricity, etc.
  • Exterior space: Bespoke and precision appliances, transport, urban furniture, etc.

The selection of products exhibited in this area has being made by a Technical Committee.

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Zone Technical Corner

The forum for presenting the most notable and innovative projects and best practices by exhibitors at the show.

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The innovative projects and practices selected for this forum cover the role of biotechnology in the construction process, artificial ecosystems, the circular economy, BIM, design, 3D technology, decoration and building renovation, amongst other topics.

See the full programme for more details.

2017 Program

Zone Startups

For the first time, 4YFN has been part of BB Construmat within the Future Arena. A selected group of startups related to one of the 6 phases of the construction life cycle has exhibited and pitched their projects on stage. Come and discover disruptive innovations at 4YFN Building Innovation Village.


imagen 4FYN

These are the 12 selected startups:
  • You can deco
  • Unic pools
  • Decoramus
  • SIMBIM Solutions
  • Smart Engineering, S.L.
  • Cocoplan
  • Exploded View, S.L.
  • SAALG Geomechanics
  • 3 S'Tech
  • Protopixel
  • CL3VER
  • ArqVR

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Future Arena
Unique in Europe

+ innovation
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Barcelona Building Construmat is organized in 4 Arenas:



Main exhibition space representing the sector's entire value chain.

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A dynamic and experiential format where visitors can access the sector's main international advances.

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A discussion forum for understanding the future as an opportunity for growth

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New networking formats to promote new business opportunities and internationalisation.

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