Innovation Area

Smart homes, smart buildings, digital production, new construction materials, BIM and applied robotics


The new trends, ideas, materials and processes that will form part of the buildings and cities of the future will have their own space at Beyond Building Barcelona–Construmat.

Self-sufficient buildings, 3D design and manufacturing, advanced interaction and information and communications technology (ICT), Building Information Modelling (BIM) and applied robotics are some of the key factors that will be involved in construction and architecture in the 21st century.

Beyond Building Barcelona–Construmat wants to use the Innovation Area to introduce the construction industry to the new scenarios of the future, thanks to the use of technology to produce smart, sustainable habitats.


Pavilion of Innovation 2015

The Pavilion of Innovation 2015 in Beyond Building Barcelona, curated by IAAC | Fab Lab Barcelona, presents new ideas and construction paradigms emerging from international excellence in research and pilot projects, forming the basis of future buildings and cities. Novel and reactive materials, advanced digital/robotic manufacturing techniques and responsive environments are the key topics presented, towards shaping the future of the building industry.

Exhibition Sections

Novel and reactive materials, advanced digital/robotic manufacturing techniques and responsive environments are the key topics presented, towards shaping the future of the building industry.


A limited number of pioneer academic research projects and prototypes from the BEYOND | CALL FOR PROJECTS, as well as professional built projects and prototypes will be exposed within the Pavilion of Innovation 2015.The aim is to offer a matchmaking space for research and innovative projects to meet construction and technology companies, constructing the bridge connecting innovation with the industry and businesses, and bringing possibilities for projects to be implemented in real world developments.


  • • The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London (UCL)
  • • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • • National School of Architecture Paris-Malaquais
  • • Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA)
  • • Kent State University
  • • Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)
  • • University of Innsbruck, Institute for experimental Architecture
  • • University of Southern California (USC)
  • • Institute for advanced architecture of Catalonia (IAAC)
  • • EidgenössischeTechnischeHochschule Zürich (ETH)
  • • University of Stuttgart, Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design (ITKE)
  • • University of Stuttgart, Institute for Computational Design (ICD)

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The Pavilion of Innovation 2015 will also host events such as a symposium and round table where pioneer architects and designers will be discussing about the future technologies and innovation in construction, as well as hosting a series of educational workshops open for all professionals and students, on wearable technology, internet of things, digital fabrication, robotic construction technology and aerial robotics.


The symposium will take place on Saturday, 23th of May, where each speaker presents its innovative work and ideas in short sessions. Among other thematic 4D printing, digital fabrication, self-sufficient buildings and distributed manufacturing will be discussed during this event.


  • • Skylar Tibbits: Director, Self-Assembly Lab, MIT, Boston, United States
  • • Mark Burry: Director, Design Research Institute at RMIT University, Sydney, Australia
  • • Alastair Parvin: Designer, WikiHouse, London, UK
  • • Claudia Pasquero: Co-founder, ecoLogicStudio, London, UK
  • • Eva Gladek: Founder, Metabolic, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • • Fabian Scheurer: Founder, Design to Production, Stuttgart, Germany
  • • Philippe Block: Founder, BLOCK Research Group, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland
  • • Anupam Kundoo: Founder, Anupama Kundoo Architects, Madrid, Spain
  • • Hernán Diaz Alonso: Director, xefirotarch, Los Angeles, United States
  • • Eric Ruiz Geli: Founder, Cloud 9, Barcelona, Spain

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The Round Table will explore the contemporary debate revolving around local and/or global visions of Innovation in the construction sector, thanks to the inputs of high profile researchers and professionals operating mostly in Spain.


  • • Areti Markopoulou
  • • Benedetta Tagliabue
  • • Tomas Diez
  • • Vicente Guallart
  • • Jose Perez de Lama


  • • Soomeen Hahm
  • • Marilu Valente
  • • Jim Rhoné
  • • Eva Magnisali
  • • Christian Jepsen
  • • Maho Akita
  • • David Costanza
  • • Brian Peters
  • • Marta Domenech


Several international workshops will take place in the Pavilion of innovation 2015 from 19th-23rd of May. Varying from 1 day seminars to 5 days workshops participants can learn about wearable technology and computational design, digital fabrication, internet of things, robotic printing with clay and data mapping using aerial robotics.

Computacional Coulture (19/5 - 22/5) : Expanding the horizons of dress making towards an algorithmic approach.
Clothes can be considered as the very first form of mediators between body, space and events.

Computational Couture

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Building with robots (20/5-23/5) : Emerging construction processes
With designers seeking to push the limits of what is a possible using computational design, parametric modeling techniques, and real-time process feedback, industrial robotic tools have emerged as an ideal development platform to reconsider way of materializing digital complexity.

Building with robots

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Making things talk (22-5) : Prototyping The Internet Of Things.
On the past years we have seen us not using anymore the Internet exclusively from a table with a keyboard and a mouse to become a constant activity we do from bed to work, on the subway or in a bar, for work or leisure. For many of us the Internet is already present in our lives almost constantly, but how?

Making things talk

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N.E.RO. (21-5) : Networking Environmental RObotics
N.E.RO. technology focus on data recollection translating different layers of environmental conditions into useful and accessible resources. In this event we'll cover all fabrication process for the first one of our drones N.E.RO01. Come and learn to fly!


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WikiHouse (19/5 – 22/5) : Prototyping & Construction Process.
The open design concept of Wiki House allows us to customise, fabricate and assemble a full scale house with only a few people in only a few days. In collaboration with the AA school we will assemble and demonstrate the design and production process of a locally manufactured version of the Wiki House V3.3.


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Networking Bim

The adoption of the European Union Public Procurement Directive (EUPPD) within two years of its entry into force will oblige the 28 Member States of the EU to promote and enforce the use of BIM in construction and building projects financed with public funds from 2016.

In Spain, the use of BIM has already become more widespread thanks to initiatives which are developing working standards that facilitate the adaptation of BIM. In our awareness of this situation and with the support of international drivers of BIM technology, the show will be promoting and disseminating this technology through three specific areas:

  • • Symposia and presentations: Success stories and worldwide applications from architectural, engineering and building firms, software developers, public administrations and industry associations.
  • • Workshops: Talleres sobre cómo desarrollar catálogos para empresas y cómo utilizar la tecnología BIM.
  • • Network: Companies needing BIM solutions will have the chance to hold B2B meetings with companies who have the solutions in this technology.
  • • Exhibition area: BIM firms will come together here to display their products and related services.

Visitors to the BIM NetWorking area will each get the Libro de Comunicaciones BIM (BIM Directory), a publication listing industry professionals and firms with comments on technical aspects and the market.





IOT (Internet Of Things)

The future of control systems in the construction industry: Internet of Things concepts in vertical building solutions.


The dissemination of IoT technology as applied to the construction industry through four actions:

  • • Talks and conferences on sustainable construction, the smart grid (intelligent electricity network) and innovation.
  • • Smart Habitat: A recreation of hotel rooms and offices designed with IoT technology.
  • • IOT Tour: Guided tours of buildings that have implemented IoT/M2M solutions.
  • • Awards for IoT solutions.