Cosmin Cotora

Director de Desarrollo Internacional | CERTIVEA Paris, Francia
Cosmin Cotora


With 12 years experience in sustainable certification of construction projects, Cosmin has led the international development of HQE outside of France as International Director of Certivea, subsidiary of CSTB (Scientific and Technical Center for Buildings). Prior to this field of activity, Cosmin has worked for a major utilities and energy efficiency provider in Romania.


Ponencia 20' | Sustainable Building Congress

Les perspectives de la construcció sostenible al mercat francès i marroquí

Rachel Chermain
Rachel Chermain Alliance HQE - GBC Directora de la Alianza Speaker
Cosmin Cotora
Cosmin Cotora CERTIVEA Director de Desarrollo Internacional Speaker

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22-05-2024 11:10 22-05-2024 11:30 Europe/Madrid Les perspectives de la construcció sostenible al mercat francès i marroquí France has implemented policy to regulate whole life carbon of buildings (RE2020) and has been a forerunner in Europe. Indeed, since 2022, all new buildings must be low energy consumption and low carbon and must meet progressive thresholds till 2031. And buildings and real estate stakeholders, associations and French government are already preparing all together the future environmental policies that will go beyond RE2020 by including global indicators. Rachel Chermain, CEO of Alliance HQE-GBC, association that gathers the stakeholders of the whole value chain for sustainable living environment in France, will present those policies and works and the methodology initiated by the association for sustainable building refurbishment. With more than 100 certified projects, HQE has become the most widespread certification for sustainable buildings and territories in Morocco. The presentation will share insights on the state of the art of construction quality in Morocco, major projects and how HQE certification ca Talks
Dc 22 11:10h - 11:30h Talks