BIM Summit 2017

The third edition of the European BIM Summit (EBS) will be held on the 25th and 26th of May 2017, concurring with the celebration of BB Construmat.

imatge conferencia

EBS 2017 will feature an innovative program. The guest country will be France, the European nation that has made one of the most significant investments and that has as a national strategy the digitization of the economy, with impact expected in all industrial sectors. With a budget of 20 millioneuros, it has initiated programs to become a leader of the continent and that will be presented in Barcelona, such as the project MinnD -a interoperable information model for the creation and management of French infrastructures -, or EDUBIM, an integration project of BIM training for all agents involved in the life cycle of a building.

The program will also be intense, an essential feature of the event in its previous editions, since it must meet the goal of providing world-wide decision-makers an updated and global overview of what the BIM is meaning in the European process

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