We're planting
the seed of sustainability

For every visit we gave you a tree in the forest from Construmat

Our commitment to sustainability is real and goes beyond the construction process. We know that small actions have a big potential to change the world. That’s why this year we’re collaborating with Tree Nation and we’re planting 8,000 trees to reforest Madagascar.

Let’s Reforest Madagascar

The deforestation taking place in Madagascar is destroying habitat, putting biodiversity at risk and as a result, many farmers are unable to support their families. Our forest forms part of the Eden Reforestation Project, an initiative that has already planted 16 million trees in the country’s north-east to reverse the situation.

A small gesture, an enormous impact

Forests are essential to life. They benefit us by purifying the air, producing oxygen and ensuring a land full of biodiversity. Planting trees is an action that might seem small, but it can restore woodlands, create jobs and support local communities. Els boscos són essencials per a la vida. Ens beneficien purificant l'aigua, produint oxigen i assegurant un sòl ple de biodiversitat.


Tree Nation

Tree Nation is a non-profit organisation that was founded with the aim of supporting world reforestation. Well aware that 85% of land species live in tropical forests, the organisation works toward preserving these habitats.

Its activity began in 2006 with a single project, and since then its results have been spectacular: more than 10,400 companies and over 440,000 users have already planted 22 million trees in 90 projects on the five continents with their help.