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Why TechEstate

We live in unprecedented times where the emergence of new technologies, the impact of COVID-19 and the growing concern for sustainability, are accelerating change in all construction and real estate industries.

This transformation brings with it opportunities, but also great challenges.

TechEstate was created to help take advantage of these opportunities, boosting the competitiveness of companies in the sector and stimulating the creation of innovative solutions that are beneficial to both the end consumer and the environment.

What is TechEstate

TechEstate is the community that identifies and connects startups, innovation managers and investors, stimulating their interaction and offering them tools so that they can answer the questions about the future of the sector, as well as developing innovations with a positive impact on companies, people and the environment.


TechEstate organises events throughout the year to build community and stimulate the dialogue around key issues for the future of the sector, and to offer networking opportunities and provide access to key speakers on innovation in the sector.

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Innovation Observatory

TechEstate also offers through its Innovation Observatory a continuous analysis of the sector, generating valuable content and selecting the most interesting tech news published by the most relevant specialised sources:

For the entire real estate value chain

TechEstate acts on the entire real estate value chain in a context where technology is eliminating the barriers between architectural and engineering design, construction, the promotion and management of real estate assets, and facility management.

Who is TechEstate for

For Startups

Join the most promising startups in the industry:

  • Find business development opportunities
  • Start or boost your fundraising processes
  • Undertake open innovation initiatives or integrate with large companies in your sector

For Innovation Managers

Whether you are a free agent or part of a large company or SME:

  • Get to know the latest tools with maximum impact on your business
  • Catch up on the latest trends and technologies that are transforming the sector
  • Connect with startups that are redesigning the future of the sector
  • Speed up your innovation processes

For Investors

Whether you are a business angel, venture capital or private equity:

  • Get new investment targets
  • Build relationships with your key partners
  • Speed up your scouting processes

Upcoming TechEstate events

TechEstate Xtended

Date to be defined for 2023

In 2023, and within the framework of BBConstrumat, TechEstate will celebrate its Xtended version, presenting the most promising startups in the sector and more than 100 tech presentations with the latest in innovation. Mentoring sessions, specialised workshops and our networking app specially designed to guarantee quality interactions among attendees are some of the latest developments that the event brings for this year.

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Our Boards

TechEstate has two high-level Boards formed by experts from the world of startups, venture capital and corporate innovation in the sector.

TechEstate's Senior Advisory Board

It provides us with strategic guidance and maximum authority in the matters addressed, as well as influence and dissemination capacity:

Carlos Blanco

Founder & Chairman


Sonia Fernández


Kibo Ventures

Mónica Fernández Bové

Founder & CEO

Wedid Ventures

Anna Gener

Presidenta y CEO

Savills Aguirre Newman Barcelona

Vicente Guallart

Fundador/ Director

Guallart Architects/ Institut d’Arquitectura Avançada de Catalunya (IAAC)

Javier Lázaro

Digital Hub Director


Carmen Panadero

Presidente y socia fundadora


Kike Sarasola

Fundador y Presidente

Room Mate Group

Aleix Valls

CEO & Fundador/ Consejero

LiquiD/ Colonial

TechEstate's Board of Innovation

It provides us with criteria to ensure the design of an attractive value proposal for our target, as well as a view of the future of the sector, convening power and dissemination capacity:

Alvaro de Ansorena

Alvaro de Ansorena

Investment Director Retail

Grupo Lar

Alex Casals

CEO & Founder


Alfredo Díaz-Araque

CEO & Late Cofounder – President – Consultancy Services

Prontopiso/ IE Real Estate Club/ Spanish Proptech

Victoria Gago


European Blockchain Convention

Pedro García Garzón

CEO & Cofounder

Nacho Martín

Design Director

Accenture Interactive

Guillermo Martínez

CEO & Cofounder

Minty Host

Carlos Martínez Bertrand

Director – Manager


Roberto Molinos

BuiltTech Program Director/ CEO

IE/ Modelical

Ariadna Nijssen Comalrena de Sobregrau

Acquisition Manager


TechEstate's team

Ione Ruete

Ione Ruete

TechEstate’s Director

Cristian Merino

Cristian Merino

TechEstate’s Head of Innovation

Arnaud Stinglhamber

Arnaud Stinglhamber

TechEstate’s Project Manager

Andrea Bontempi

Andrea Bontempi

TechEstate’s Head of PR, Digital Marketing
and Communication
Carlota Aldea

Carlota Aldea

Head of Corporate Innovation

Antonio Renovell March

Antonio Renovell March

Head of Startups

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