Where Construction and Real Estate meet technology

The event where the future of the sector is redefined

TechEstate is the tech event that brings together the players who are redefining the future of Construction and Real Estate.

We connect startups, investors, companies and public institutions.

We promote interaction with them to answer questions about the future of the sector and to stimulate the launch of innovative initiatives.

The only event specialising in PropTech and BuildTech

The entire property value chain

In a context where the barriers between development, construction and asset management are intermingled, TechEstate is the only tech event that proposes innovative solutions for the entire property value chain:

  • Design Technology
  • BuildTech
  • PropTech
  • Facility Management Technology

Differential focus on BuildTech

We work with BuildTech in the most specialised and differential way in the market.

We value all the experience, technical knowledge and contacts that BBConstrumat has been building for over 40 years.

Who is TechEstate for?

For Startups

Join the most promising startups in the industry:

  • Find business development opportunities
  • Start or boost your fundraising processes
  • Undertake open innovation initiatives
  • Integrate with the major companies in your sector

For Innovation Managers

Whether you are a freelance professional or part of a large company or SME, TechEstate opens the door to innovation:

  • Increase the competitiveness of your business by leveraging the most innovative tools
  • Catch up on the latest trends and technologies that are transforming the sector
  • Discover the startups that are designing the future of Construction and Real Estate

For Investors

Whether you are a Business Angel, Venture Capital or Private Equity, TechEstate connects you with the startups that are developing the future of the sector:

  • Get new investment targets
  • Build relationships with key partners
  • Speed up your scouting process

What do we offer?

Get up to date

Tech Congress

Attend fireside chats, panels and keynote speeches given by the more than 100 personalities who are defining the future of PropTech and BuildTech.

Startup Trade Fair

Get to know first-hand the most innovative startups and their technological solutions.

Customised Mentoring

Access to mentoring sessions, workshops and round-table discussions given by innovation and technology experts in the sector.

Get in touch

Networking app

Download our networking app during the event to contact attendees and schedule meetings in speed date format.

Meeting Areas

Hold your meetings in the common areas specially designed for interaction.

VIP Zone

Get in touch with the main personalities, speakers and big buyers in your sector in the VIP area.

Get business results


Book your booth at our startup event and gain visibility in front of the more than 54,000 companies and professionals that visit BBConstrumat.

Big buyers

Connect with more than 1,000 big buyers from the Construction and Real Estate sectors that the BBContrumat brings together each year.

Talent Pool

Access our Talent Pool and find the digital talent you need to launch your initiatives (programmers, UX/UI designers, data scientists, growth hackers, etc.).


Take the database with your leads obtained during the event, to follow them up and expand your business opportunities.

Upcoming TechEstate events

TechEstate Lite

February 2021

On February, TechEstate will celebrate its Lite edition: an exclusive relationship building event that will bring together the main players in innovation in Construction and Real Estate.

During the event, we will promote dialogue through round-table discussions, workshops and other formats in which the challenges and opportunities of the sector will be discussed.

The event will work on the basis of individual invitations, with a package of limited invitations that we will release soon through our website.


29 Nov.-2 Dic. 2021

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Participate as a Partner

Write to us to explore the partnership possibilities we offer.

Our Innovation Committee

TechEstate has an Innovation Committee made up of experts from the world of startups, corporate innovation, Venture Capital, Construction, Real Estate, Facility Management, BuildTech, PropTech and related public institutions.

Thanks to the access to its knowledge and experience, TechEstate ensures the highest level of authority in the matters it deals with.