Victor Manuel Hermo Sánchez

Pontevedra, Spain
Victor Manuel Hermo Sánchez


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Industrialised construction solutions

David Sabatés Rosell
David Sabatés Rosell ITEC Director of Services and Institutional Relations Moderador/Presentador
Sergio Baragaño
Sergio Baragaño ROOM2030 CEO Speaker
Jordi Grau Borràs
Jordi Grau Borràs AIT Group Head of construction Speaker
Victor Manuel Hermo Sánchez
Victor Manuel Hermo Sánchez Speaker
Montse Pujol Torrent
Montse Pujol Torrent PMP CEO Speaker
Eloi Tarrés Costa
Eloi Tarrés Costa Evowall Technology CEO and founding partner Speaker

25-05-2023 13:00 25-05-2023 14:00 Europe/Madrid Industrialised construction solutions

Industrialised construction brings together a range of smart manufacturing and automation techniques, including prefabrication and off-site construction practices. Its main benefits include streamlining the construction process, cost reduction, improved security and quality, increased productivity, greater control and efficiency, flexibility in design and adaptation to the client's needs, and the involvement of groups traditionally under-represented in the industry. The session brings together a range of specialists with extensive experience of industrialised construction solutions and projects to discuss the challenges and prospects of industrialising construction today.

Sala Congreso
Thu 25 13:00h - 14:00h Sala Congreso