Climent Olives Camps

Manager | Construcciones Olives Alaior, Spain
Climent Olives Camps


Entrepreneur in the construction sector since he was 20 years old.


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Solutions for the lack of labour in the construction sector

Mariano Sanz Loriente
Mariano Sanz Loriente CNC (Confederación Nacional de la Construcción) General Secretary Moderador/Presentador
Javier González López
Javier González López FLC Director of Training and Employment Speaker
Climent Olives Camps
Climent Olives Camps Construcciones Olives Manager Speaker
Joel García Fernández
Joel García Fernández Confederación Asturiana de la Construcción ASPROCON President Speaker
Jaume Cots Sarrate
Jaume Cots Sarrate Cots i Claret Director of Operations and Resources Speaker

24-05-2023 16:30 24-05-2023 17:30 Europe/Madrid Solutions for the lack of labour in the construction sector

This round table aims to address the labour shortage in the construction industry from a perspective that focuses on innovative solutions that take into account the whole market. The shortage of workers, technicians and managers is a structural problem that has already been clearly diagnosed (loss of trades, lack of generational replacement, lack of young people and women, loss of talent to other industries or abroad, etc.). However, the challenge ahead is to find imaginative and innovative solutions to respond to this problem.

Sala Congreso
Wed 24 16:30h - 17:30h Sala Congreso