Christos Komninakis

Christos Komninakis


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Application of liquid waterproofing membranes

Adrià García Ruaix
Adrià García Ruaix Mimper Spain (Mmebranas Impermeabilizantes) Technician Speaker
Christos Komninakis
Christos Komninakis Maris Speaker


23-05-2023 10:00 23-05-2023 10:45 Europe/Madrid Application of liquid waterproofing membranes

Maris Saint-Gobain, a manufacturer of liquid waterproofing, will present how the waterproofing of the most common singular points can be resolved with cold-applied polyurethane membranes in a practical way. The application methods, their performances and their advantages over other types of waterproofing materials will be discussed during the demonstration and we’ll see how they can provide competitive and competent solutions for the rehabilitation of roofing.

Requirements for attendees: Rubber gloves, protective glasses and face mask

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