Alexandre Dubor

Head of Fabrication and Robotics | IAAC Barcelona, Spain
Alexandre Dubor


Alexandre Dubor is a research architect who heads the manufacturing and robotics group at IAAC. Together with his team, he explores the potential of new technologies, materials and designs to improve the construction industry. His research focuses on 3D printing and robotics for sustainable architecture.


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TOVA. Spain’s first building made with soil and a 3D printer

Alexandre Dubor
Alexandre Dubor IAAC Head of Fabrication and Robotics Speaker
Edouard Cabay
Edouard Cabay IAAC 3dPA co-director Speaker

24-05-2023 11:30 24-05-2023 11:50 Europe/Madrid TOVA. Spain’s first building made with soil and a 3D printer

The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) presents the first building in Spain made from clay and a 3D printer. The project is the result of IAAC's ongoing research into new ways of addressing the social and environmental challenges of the future through its various education and research programmes. The prototype, built at the Valldaura Labs facility, represents a bridge between the past - vernacular earthen architecture - and the future - large-scale 3D printing technology - that will not only serve to transform the architecture of the future, but will also be of great use in addressing the current climate and housing crises around the world.

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