The space where materials that are changing the construction
industry were on display.
Here, the visitors could find out about the latest materials for interiors,
exteriors and building envelopes.
Our Technical Committee has made a selection of the very best
from our exhibitors.

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Building envelope

Evowall Technology, S.L.

EVOWALL is an innovative industrialised system that allows the construction of high quality housing using traditional materials quickly and economically with excellent energy efficiency (Passivhaus). At 2017 Future Arena we presented a panel/corner featuring all the integrated elements (structure, insulation, finishes, installations, smart systems, etc.).

Humitat stop

Humitat Stop, S.L.

The HS-221 is an electronic device that eliminates humidity by capillary action with excellent drying efficiency. It is based on the principle of dislocating the dipoles of water molecules to stop them climbing the walls and, taking advantage of gravity, rejecting the subsoil.

Velux Spain, S.A.

INTEGRA® flat roof window with a curved glass dome. The CurveTech design provides a natural drainage system for water or any other residue deposited on the roof. This design offers a larger glazed surface area that maximises natural light.


Renson Group

PANOVISTA MAX is the new version of our blinds for corners with no tracks in the corner itself. With this innovation, both sides of the fabric blind are joined in the corner when it is lowered. This ensures wind resistance of up to 90 km/h and means large corner areas can be covered.


Gira G1 is a multifunctional smart central control for complete KNX building automation. Using the multi-tactile screen you can control all the functions with your finger or by swiping, from lighting and blinds to the temperature and intercoms.

Axever Hispania, S.L.

Waterproofing decoupling membrane providing acoustic insulation against impacts and regulating water vapour for tiled roofs. The BIBER BD20 Plus is a four-layer sheet that includes an intermediate layer with wavy lines of sand.


Gira System 106 is a modular intercom system with metal front panels in an elegant, minimalist design. With its exterior intercom, hospitality is extended to street level. In the dark the backlit modules provide good legibility as well as an attractive appearance.

Oritex distribuciones, S.L.

We are distributors of synthetic imitation wood decking for exteriors. With our decking you can create decks around showrooms as well as planters, walls and separation fences. For more information, visit our website

Jung Electro Ibérica, S.A.

The new LS ZERO series by JUNG is a series of mechanisms that are installed completely at wall level. Whether in brick, plaster or wooden walls or in furniture, LS ZERO mechanisms are completely flush with the installation surface, with no relief, grooves, joins or separations.

Promsa - Promotora Mediterránea-2, S.A.

HALF-PROMSA is a lightweight, self-compacting concrete with fibres that is pumped to provide rapid and easy application on site. It provides a homogenous structural element (25 MPa) that provides excellent strength with little density. Its main use is in the renovation of old buildings.

Promsa - Promotora Mediterránea-2, S.A.

PROSILENCE is a self-levelling mortar containing recycled materials that give it better thermal and acoustic properties than other self-levelling mortars. PROSILENCE is a homogenous product (manufactured at the concrete plant), available in a thin layer (3 cm) and easy to apply for clients seeking rapid application, quality, efficiency and environmental respect.

Mecanogumba, S.A.U.

A support system for large format natural stone tiles of 10 mm thick for ventilated façades which consists of the incorporation of S-7 aluminium profiles laid out lengthwise on the back of the tile for fitting/adhesion, allowing the tiles to be hung from the structure of the Karrat S-7 ventilated façade.

Layher, S.A.

The FW system is a multi-directional scaffolding with optimal loading capacity upon which to mount large-span structures. The system can be used for all kinds of structures, from pedestrian walkways to wide-span roofs or working platforms.

Technal - Sapa Building Systems España, S.L.U.

An active acoustic concept that allows an acceptable level of acoustic insulation even when the window is ajar. This innovative, patented system is supported by the use of two complementary technologies: active and passive, achieving levels of sound attenuation of up to 25 dB with the window open.

Actis, S.A.

HYBRIS is a 3-in-1 alveolar insulation with a honeycomb structure: thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and hermetic sealing (to air and water vapour). Its very low conductivity (0.033 W/m.K), combined with low-emission film, allows a very high level of thermal insulation with the minimum thickness.

Amorim Isolamentos, S.A.

MDFACHADA is an expanded cork agglomerate resulting from an innovation by AMORIM ISOLAMENTOS. It is recommended for exterior exposed applications. The product boasts excellent technical properties (thermal and acoustic insulation) and offers a highly durable solution for exterior cladding.

Modular Signs, S.L. "DLIMITY"

High-end fencing for bordering properties, gardens and swimming pools. Manufactured in Europe with top quality PVC and a wood-effect finish in an extrusion process with no additional operations. Also available in white and other colours. Ten year warranty against discoloration. Very attractive, high quality appearance.


Fibreglass and polyester resin pultruded profiles infiltrated with graphene additive.


As consultants accredited by ACCIO in the Green Economy, we have developed Tapialblock, a prefabricated earth block that is eco-innovative from its formulation through to its manufacture and reuse. Comprising natural, recyclable materials and made with the minimum energy cost; designed with users' health in mind and environmentally sustainable.

Propamsa, S.A.U.

Propam Aisterm Ceram is a thermal insulation system for exterior ceramic finishes. The system comprises a water-repellent adhesive mortar, insulating EPS or XPS panels, mechanical fixings, adhesive cement, ceramic plackets and grouting mortar.

Tecno Imac, S.P.A.

Ecoltherm, A panel comprising a micro-ventilated placket in Ecotres® with a membrane of EPS® of 200 kPa.

Propamsa, S.A.U.

Propam Impelástic is the easy way to waterproof built-in showers and balconies. It is a ready-to-use, fast-drying cladding that acts as an elastic and flexible waterproof membrane for interiors and exteriors.

Hidrotec (IBSTT)

SprayForm is a system for renovating downpipes and tubing without the need for building work. It consists of the interior projection of a special polymer using the original piping as lost formwork. The sample downpipe would be 3 m long and 110 mm in diameter with a weight of 5 kg.

Elicsia singular, S.L.

The structure of a house of 200 m2 is manufactured in 2 days and 16 hours; the panels are assembled in the workshop in this same timescale, and the structure of the house is built in 18 hours (over 3 days), leaving the outside ready for panelling (interior and exterior layers).


BIOFIVER is a 3D modular structure made from recycled polypropylene, designed to create vertical gardens in both interiors and exteriors. The front of the structure is completely filled with soil, allowing full development of the roots to encourage natural growth, and also acts as a biofilter for particles.


StarModul is a patented construction system based on a series of parts that facilitate strong, long-lasting metal structures (with square, non-welded, screwed piping), simply, quickly and economically.

Mapei Spain, S.A.

Repair and reinforcement of horizontal structures whose thicknesses or state of deterioration demand the use of high performance liquid mortars.

Simon, S.A.

The material we are presenting is electrical, specifically the new Simon 100 mechanisms. The smart switch is capable of regulating light throughout your home via a mobile app.


The 'Vidre-Slide' is a glass slide with a 9 metre pole with structural joints in completely transparent double glazing.

Sika, S.A.U.

Sikafill 300 is a thermal elastic water-based seal that contains ceramic spheres, with a creamy consistency, and is ideal for waterproofing roofs. Its thermal properties make it the perfect product for roofs that need to improve the capacity of their systems.

Eurosistemas Retención Aguas S.L.

The Spherical Water Shut-off is a new tool for the retention of liquids and solids in wastewater waste-lines and drains. Its use allows workers to complete their tasks in a clean, dry, and safe environment, at any time of day, without fear of coming into contact with blackwater.

Interior space

Emac® Complementos, S.L.

Novorodapie® Eclipse: thanks to its geometric shape, the profile protects the lower edge of the plaster panel and on installation is set back at the bottom of the wall, giving the novel effect of a suspended wall. As well as a baseboard it can also be installed as a finish at the top of walls.

Hornos Pujol

A dynamic shower that becomes opaque on closing the door or from a signal generated by the user, offering either an intimate or open experience depending on your preferences.

Decustik - Mecanitzats de la fusta Kim, S.L.

Microperforated acoustic wooden panels that provide a high level of acoustic absorption while maintaining all the aesthetic properties of wood.

Ceranor (Grupo Resnova)

Megabrick large-format brick directly plastered with paste-laminated gypsum board. The result is a dry partition system, flat, robust walls with a perfect finish and improved acoustic insulation and thermal inertia. Offers great savings compared to PYL systems with metal profiles.

Layher, S.A.

This product offers a new, simple and economical way of creating furniture. With the use of just a few structural elements you can create various shapes such as a sofa, bed, household scaffolding, staircase, etc., all with reusable elements that are easy to assemble.

Burüburan, S.L.

BurüDry is the world's first sandal dryer.

Gyptec Ibérica

Gypcork panels are made from laminated plaster and expanded insulation cork board (ICB). The product offers an excellent thermal and acoustic insulation performance and is the ideal solution for building renovations.

Oikos, S.R.L.

ROMAN TRAVERTINE by OIKOS is a hydrated lime mortar made from natural components obtained from the residue of other production runs (stone and marble quarries) and purified water as a natural solvent, which is transformed into a lime-based stone similar to travertine marble yet with a customisable finish.

Oikos, S.R.L.

ANTICO FERRO CORTEN: an eco-friendly decorative solution based on water and natural micaceous pigments that recreate the aesthetic effect of iron without the inconvenience of the weight of Corten steel. Its customisable finishes, sensation of iron to the touch, ease of application and join-free coverage, even on curved surfaces, makes it both economical and convenient.



SolidGRAPHEN® shower stalls are made from natural minerals (quartz, silica, granite, limestone, etc.) with a graphene additive.


SmartCOVER Microcement is a new formulation that improves the mechanical and environmental characteristics of conventional microcement thanks to the incorporation of a graphene additive in its composition.

Vicente Galve Studio

An oval table made from fine European rustic wood designed for use in both private homes or professional offices. The unique feature of its design is that it includes an induction charger with Qi technology, though the mechanism itself is completely invisible.

IKEA Iberica, S.A.

IKEA's proposal for the Future Arena space is a sustainable kitchen solution with growing spaces, based on very simple, geometric lines which structure the space and meld together various zones related to the proposed theme and concept.

Norma Doors Technologies, S.A.

The Norma extendable door panel (Fit Door) can be adapted to different spaces from 725 mm to 845 mm. Warehouses and DIY centres can reduce their storage space by 50% as they no longer have to store a range of doors in every different size.

BASF Construction Chemicals España, S.L.

MasterTop 1327-20 dB. The new massive elastic polyurethane base layer, MasterTop BC 329, for decorative and comfortable flooring. The MasterTop 1327 series offers impact noise reduction of up to 20 dB and the most comfortable seamless decorative flooring system on the market.

ImanBox Solutions, S.L.

ImanBox has developed a revolutionary new model of inspection boxes and fittings that are left 100% flush with the wall surface and are very easy to open without causing damage. You can view it at this link



Exterior space

Foresa Industrias Químicas del Noroeste

GreenforDust is an innovative product patented by Foresa that minimises dust, stabilises the ground and controls the erosion of embankments, facilitating regrowth of vegetation. It is free from hazardous substances and fulfils all WHO requirements in terms of volatile solids, heavy metals and fluorides.

Promsa - Promotora Mediterránea-2, S.A.

ARIPAQ is a strong, continuous, natural and eco-friendly paving. The aggregates, bound with a micronized recycled glass-based material, form a surface that adapts to its location and is very economical to maintain as it remains unchanged over time and withstands adverse weather conditions.


Yilang Deng Lighting, S.A. (YLD)

Spotlight for a three-phase electrified track with colour resolution: CRI-Ra >97.

General Española de Accesorios, S.A. (GEDASA)

Stainless steel lock for tempered glass in various versions for both interiors and exteriors.

Zigurat Global Institute of Technology

The Global BIM Management Certification Program is one of the most advanced professional certification programs for BIM Managers in the world. This internationally popular program caters to the needs of professionals in more than 20 sectors of the AECO industry. We provide our students with the methodology BIM.

Ideas y Colores, S.L.

A pocket colorimeter that provides an instant colour reference. Extremely practical for architects and designers as it means you can resolve any colour questions in an instant.

Ideas y Colores, S.L.

An appliance that provides instant colour references from the sample reading. Works on a smartphone with a free app. Saves considerable time for architects, designers and interior decorators. Also provides a dE between two readings.


The LyraiN is a state-of-the-art private spa. With its elegant design, the spa's ergonomics and hydrotherapy offer a unique experience of comfort and relaxation. The cutting-edge technology and sophisticated functions ensure simple, intuitive, automatic and intelligent spa control.

Sofkia Consultoría y Desarrollo

Demonstration of the capabilities of DynBuilder integrated management software for the construction industry and project management using the latest technologies offered by Microsoft (Microsoft CFMD product for Microsoft Dynamics NAV).

Etablissements Decayeux, S.A.S.

An automated package mailbox that receives your packages when you're away from home. The mailbox notifies the recipient with an SMS that a package has arrived along with a code for collecting it. The system also provides the delivery company with proof of collection.

Yvyra Technologies, S.L.

Magnet ensures that any surface is 100% accessible. Designed with flexible arms with a memory that fit in the strip, securing exterior flooring safely and solidly. A screw-free solution that lets you move boards, work around inspection boxes, hide wiring, reuse them and access the subsoil in a matter of seconds.

Lumion, S.L.

Lumion software lets all AEC industry professionals create videos, images and 360º panoramic vistas in Virtual Reality quickly, easily and in real time. A visual presentation is one of the best ways of getting a client interested and involved.