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#22 Architecture

Interview with Anupama Kundoo. Architect. Founded her first architectural practice in the Indian city of Auroville in 1990.

Article "The difficulty of a manifesto". Jaume Prat.

Interview with Anna Puigjaner. Architect and co-founder of the MAIO architecture firm.


#21 Innovation

Interview with Andrés Jaque, architect.

Article "How a Construction Fair Should Be in the 21st Century". Cristina Pardal.

Article "Architecture and innovation to renew our cities". Lluís Comerón.


#20 Sustainability and circular economy

Interview with Verónica Kuchinow, expert in industrial symbiosis and the efficient use of resources as a tool for the circular economy.

Article "Squaring the sustainable circle". Jaume Prat


#19 Interior design

Interview with Francesc Rifé, interior architect.

Article "The absence of scale". Jaume Prat

Interview with Teresa Casas, president of CODIC.


#18 Projection

Interview with Ibon Bilbao and Josep Bohigas, the founders of Arquitectes de Capçalera.

Article "Displaced centres of gravity"

Interview with Gerardo Wadel Architect and director of R&D and Quality at ‘La Casa por el Tejado'.


#17 The best of 2016

We've selected the best interviews and articles for you.


#16 IoT and virtual reality

Nacho Martín (Manager of IED Innovation Lab and Co-founder of Mi5VR) talks about IOT with Rosalía Simón Navarro (Smart city leader at Telefónica's IoT department).

Interview with stepienybarno.

Towards the kaizen era


#15 Social Housing

Interview with Janet Sanz, Deputy Mayor for Environment, Urban Planning and Mobility at Barcelona City Council and councillor for the district of Nou Barris.

Article "Awareness of the continuum". Jaume Prat


#14 Sustainability, energy efficiency and circular economy

Interview with Coque Claret and Dani Calatayud, architects and lecturers at the Vallés Higher Technical School of Architecture (ETSAV).

Article "Configuring the Earth". Jaume Prat

Article "Sustainability is the only way forward for the future of building". Bruno Sauer (GBCe)


#13 Refurbishment

Interview with María Langarita, architect and co-founder of Langarita-Navarro.

Article "Thank you for this dream!". Jaume Prat

See what the new BB Construmat is cooking up at El Celler de Can Roca


#12 Architecture and design

Interview with José Ignacio Linazasoro, architect.

Article "Always the same atoms"

IN(3D)USTRY and BBCONSTRUMAT join forces to promote additive manufacturing in construction.


#11 Product design

Interview with Toni Cumella, Cerámica Cumella.

Article "The tradition of novelty"


#10 Innovation

Interview with Vicente Guallart.

Article "The geology of innovation"

Article "The future of manufacturing will inform the future of the construction industry"