18 Wednesday May 2016

The tradition of novelty

Elisha OtisOne of the corollaries of last month's article leads us to comment on the role that companies have played in innovation in every field of knowledge from past centuries through to the present day, particularly in the world of construction.

12 Tuesday April 2016

The geology of innovation

Francesco Borromini Social demands are not free of charge. The citizenry, taken as a whole, move with great economy of movement.

11 Monday April 2016

The future of manufacturing will inform the future of the construction industry

Futuro fabricaciónAdvanced additive manufacturing tools are already a fact of life. Every day, new applications, new techniques and new materials are appearing with which to continue materialising the ideas that emerge from computer tools and aim to increase creative freedom.

1 Tuesday March 2016

Rethinking Beyond Building Barcelona-Construmat

The trade fair Construmat has evolved with Beyond Building Barcelona-Construmat, a concept that seeks to influence and complement the traditional format of the show, which still remains, with actions that highlight the areas exhibitors have in common and which encourage networking: Beyond Building Barcelona-Construmat is a focal point for shaping the renewal of the construction industry.

1 Tuesday March 2016
1 Monday February 2016

Encuentro PIMEC Jóvenes Barcelona: I Mesa Redonda de Construcción Sostenible

25 de febrero de 2016. Sobre cómo los cambios en el clima obligan al conjunto de la sociedad y todos los sectores productivos y económicos a una reorientación profunda de las pautas de producción y consumo.

15 Monday June 2015
15 Monday June 2015

The BBB-Construmat Award-winners from almost 140 entries

The Olot and La Garrotxa County Hospital, in the Building category, and the AVE viaduct over the River Ulla between A Coruña and Pontevedra, in Civil Engineering, were two of the winning works at the sixteenth edition