11 Friday November 2016

Towards the kaizen era

NetworkAt the moment, we search for the information that surrounds us actively. Or rather, we still conduct active searches. The revolution will begin when everything that surrounds us is capable of generating, sending and processing this information passively. And is able to transform itself thanks to this information: welcome to the era of the Internet of Things.

10 Thursday November 2016

La máxima ejecutiva de Sorigué, Ana Vallés, nueva presidenta de BB Construmat

Ana VallésSustituye a Josep Miarnau, presidente desde diciembre de 2008.

3 Thursday November 2016

Awareness of the continuum

Awareness of the continuumThe urban structure of a city has always been understood from the perspective of density, in terms of its filled spaces. Today's sensibilities lead us to consider it in terms of its empty spaces as well; in a kind of return journey that leads us to question the nature of our streets and urban spaces.

2 Wednesday November 2016

"Superblocks are the solution for a greener, safer, more sustainable and liveable city"

Janet SanzInterview with Janet Sanz, Deputy Mayor for Environment, Urban Planning and Mobility at Barcelona City Council and councillor for the district of Nou Barris

27 Tuesday September 2016

‘Rather than constructing buildings, we should be building liveability'

Coque Claret + Dani CalatayudInterview with Coque Claret and Dani Calatayud

27 Tuesday September 2016

Configuring the Earth

Configuring the EarthTechnology surrounds us. Literally. When you think about technology and construction, it is not so much about adding gadgets to buildings but rather about what has configured all the elements used in the construction of, or found inside, any of the spaces we inhabit, regardless of whether it uses electricity or electronics.

27 Tuesday September 2016

Sustainability is the only way forward for the future of building

Sustainability is the only way forward for the future of buildingWhen I became managing director of GBCe, a journalist asked me what my goals were as the association's top manager. I had no doubts what to answer: to make GBCe one of the leading associations in the sustainable building industry, while at the same time providing a rallying point for all the players who, in their respective areas, are working towards the same goals.

17 Saturday September 2016


Bim-SummitLa III Cumbre Europea sobre Building Information Modeling (BIM) se celebrará los días 25 y 26 de mayo en Fira de Barcelona en el marco de BBConstrumat

18 Monday July 2016

"As soon as people stop inhabiting a space or having an affective relationship with it, it diminishes"

María LangaritaInterview with María Langarita, architect and co-founder of Langarita-Navarro.

18 Monday July 2016

Thank you for this dream!

Gracias por este sueñoIt would not be difficult to provide a theorem to assert that the vast majority of important inventions in the history of mankind would end up, sooner or later, transformed into weapons with a thousand twisted, ingenious and unpleasant devices: fire, metals, radioactivity and drugs. What is not so common is that the person behind the discovery would end up realising this fact. And what almost never happens is that he makes a more or less questionable attempt, even in philosophic terms, at redemption. And that this is taken very, very seriously. This was the case of the creator of dynamite, that invention that revolutionised the mining industry(1), by Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel, who rapidly realised that the military uses of his invention would surpass civilian use in no time at all. The weight of dynamite, indeed, continues to be the measurement unit of all explosive power today, including nuclear.