19 Thursday January 2017

Displaced centres of gravity (by Jaume Prat)

Centros de gravedad desplazadosThe discussions we tend to have about our cities almost always respond to a reality that imposes (in a literal sense) the issues to be worked on, often without any previous work having been carried out on such issues: urban transformations happen in this way, and if they are not discussed the situation develops without the control of technical planners and politicians, who could do something to direct such transformations, if, that is, they had sufficient awareness of them.

The case of the city of Lyon allows us to reflect on how planning and action can be taken in relation to a city in need of controlled growth.

16 Monday January 2017

"The combination of raising a building's height and public grants can facilitate the energy rehabilitation of a building"

Gerardo WadelInterview with Gerardo Wadel Architect and director of R&D and Quality at ‘La Casa por el Tejado'

10 Tuesday January 2017

"People should be the focal point of every architect's work"

Arquitectes de CapçaleraInterview with Ibon Bilbao and Josep Bohigas, the founders of Arquitectes de Capçalera.

21 Wednesday December 2016

Confiamos el diseño de los espacios comunes a Anna & Eugeni Bach Arquitectes

Anna i Eugeni BachEl estudio de arquitectura afincado en Barcelona dará forma a las Arenas de la próxima edición

20 Sunday November 2016

"The networks will shape the urban space itself"

SmartcityNacho Martín (Manager of IED Innovation Lab and Co-founder of Mi5VR) talks about IOT with Rosalía Simón Navarro (Smart city leader at Telefónica's IoT department).

18 Friday November 2016
11 Friday November 2016

Towards the kaizen era

NetworkAt the moment, we search for the information that surrounds us actively. Or rather, we still conduct active searches. The revolution will begin when everything that surrounds us is capable of generating, sending and processing this information passively. And is able to transform itself thanks to this information: welcome to the era of the Internet of Things.

10 Thursday November 2016

La máxima ejecutiva de Sorigué, Ana Vallés, nueva presidenta de BB Construmat

Ana VallésSustituye a Josep Miarnau, presidente desde diciembre de 2008.

3 Thursday November 2016

Awareness of the continuum

Awareness of the continuumThe urban structure of a city has always been understood from the perspective of density, in terms of its filled spaces. Today's sensibilities lead us to consider it in terms of its empty spaces as well; in a kind of return journey that leads us to question the nature of our streets and urban spaces.

2 Wednesday November 2016

"Superblocks are the solution for a greener, safer, more sustainable and liveable city"

Janet SanzInterview with Janet Sanz, Deputy Mayor for Environment, Urban Planning and Mobility at Barcelona City Council and councillor for the district of Nou Barris