21 Tuesday November 2017

Discussing Innovation

Discussing innovation ‘What is innovation?' and ‘What can it become?' This was the objective of the Discussing Innovation symposium. The discussion was structured around four thematic tables featuring speakers of recognised prestige, all of whom are involved in research and architectural design.

Curated by Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation

29 Friday September 2017

"Above all, architecture is an enriching experience that goes beyond the tension between the structural components involved"

Anupama Kundoo Interview with Anupama Kundoo. Architect. Founded her first architectural practice in the Indian city of Auroville in 1990, at just 23 years old.

28 Thursday September 2017

"We have to start valuing housing based more on its services than on its surface area"

Anna Puigjaner Interview with Anna Puigjaner. Architect and co-founder of the MAIO architecture firm, she is a member of the Habitar research group at UPC Barcelona's Higher Technical School of Architecture.

27 Wednesday September 2017
31 Monday July 2017

How a Construction Fair Should Be in the 21st Century

Cristina PArdal Por Cristina Pardal. Architect and doctor from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (ETSAB – UPC).

28 Friday July 2017

Architecture and innovation to renew our cities

Lluís ComerónPor Lluís Comerón. Degano del COAC. Col.legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya

27 Thursday July 2017

"Right now, innovation can only be political"

Andrés Jaque Interview with Andrés Jaque.

3 Monday July 2017

‘The biggest challenge of the circular economy is cultural'

Veronica Kuchinow Interview with Verónica Kuchinow, expert in industrial symbiosis and the efficient use of resources as a tool for the circular economy

3 Monday July 2017

Squaring the sustainable circle (by Jaume Prat)

One Central Park, Sydney Sustainability and the circular economy are two closely-connected concepts that the construction world is just beginning to embrace. Strengthening these concepts could bring the way we understand an architectural project closer to our contemporary sensibility.

18 Tuesday April 2017

La vivienda del futuro es posible hoy

UB Con la aparición del grafeno las viviendas inteligentes que alguna vez vimos en películas y series futuristas no tardarán en llegar.El principal obstáculo que este material deberá sortear es reducir el coste de su obtención para su producción en masa

18 Tuesday April 2017

La impresión 3D en la construcción crecerá un 15% en 2017

UB La impresión 3D, protagonista en la innovación en el sector de la construcción

18 Tuesday April 2017

"El uso del BIM crecerá un 19% en 2017 a nivel mundial"

UB La innovación marca el ritmo en el sector de la construcción

31 Friday March 2017

"España necesita una Ley de Arquitectura, hoy imprescindible"

Jordi Ludevid Entrevista a Jordi Ludevid, arquitecto.

30 Thursday March 2017

Winds of change in the construction industry

Aires de cambioThe concept behind this edition of the Barcelona Building Construmat is as a space for the exchange of opinions towards promoting and visualising the change being pursued in the construction sector.

29 Wednesday March 2017

"The incorporation of the Internet of things is a necessity for construction companies"

Mikel Barrado Interview with Mikel Barrado, manager of new technologies and systems applied to Smart Buildings and Cities at TECNALIA

28 Tuesday March 2017

BIM momentum

BIMBy Ignasi Pérez Arnal, CEO BIM Academy and Content Director of the European BIM Summit

21 Tuesday March 2017

New online campaign for sustainable and energetically-efficient construction

master builders solutionsThe campaign will also be accompanied by articles in the industry's leading magazines and online portals, and will be presented at trade fairs and exhibitions for construction across Europe.

2 Thursday March 2017

"We have grown in a solid and steady fashion by creating long-term, trust-based relationships"

MAPEIInterview with Jaume Remolà, Marketing and Communications Manager at Mapei Spain

27 Monday February 2017

"I can't design without having the material in my mind's eye"

Francesc RiféInterview with Francesc Rifé, interior architect

23 Thursday February 2017

The absence of scale (by Jaume Prat)

Ausencia de escalaArchitecture is the art of space. Architecture creates spaces, and these make up its primary raw material. What architecture does in these spaces it creates is, essentially, propose relationships. And it is these spatial relationships that allow the different creations proposed to mobilize and function.

21 Tuesday February 2017

"The CODIC, as a collective involved in BBConstrumat, wanted to do something different this year and play a more active role."

Teresa CasasBarcelona Building Construmat is presenting a major new feature at this year's edition: the coordination of the National and International Contract Forum will be undertaken by the Association of Interior Designers and Decorators of Catalonia (CODIC) with the aim of showcasing the work of these professionals. The president of CODIC, Teresa Casas, explains what an interior designer's work entails and tells us more about the Association's involvement in the show.

26 Thursday January 2017

El CODIC impulsa el Foro Contract Nacional e Internacional de BBConstrumat

El codic impulsa el Foro Contract Nacional e Internacional de BBConstrumatEl Colegio de Diseñadores de Interiores de Cataluña (CODIC) y Barcelona Building Construmat han hecho una apuesta conjunta para poner en valor el trabajo del diseñador de interiores en la próxima edición del Salón Internacional de la Construcción de Fira de Barcelona que se celebrará del 23 al 26 de mayo en el recinto de Gran Via. Se organizarán también sesiones de networking con profesionales y con empresas de todo el mundo, especialmente del mercado sudamericano

19 Thursday January 2017

Displaced centres of gravity (by Jaume Prat)

Centros de gravedad desplazadosThe discussions we tend to have about our cities almost always respond to a reality that imposes (in a literal sense) the issues to be worked on, often without any previous work having been carried out on such issues: urban transformations happen in this way, and if they are not discussed the situation develops without the control of technical planners and politicians, who could do something to direct such transformations, if, that is, they had sufficient awareness of them.

The case of the city of Lyon allows us to reflect on how planning and action can be taken in relation to a city in need of controlled growth.