Retrospective exposition of Barcelona Building Construmat posters

Barcelona Building Construmat was held for the twentieth time in 2017, and to celebrate this achievement it organised a commemorative exhibition featuring all the show's posters since its first edition back in 1979. We want to thank Marc Martí impresores for his collaboration.


The first edition of the International Construction Show of Fira de Barcelona took place back in 1979, a year when Spain was just starting to work on its current economic, political and social configuration. In that same year the Statutes of Autonomy for Catalonia and the Basque Country were passed, and Spain was immersed in a profound economic crisis. On 13 March of that year, the Ministry of Trade, Juan Antonio García Díez, opened the first-ever Construmat, whose president was Enric Reyna. Since then, every two years, the event has faithfully kept its date with the construction sector. The exhibition shows the evolution experienced by graphic design over all these years through a series of posters that also reflect the progress of the sector and the event itself. Over the years the event has been steered by Enric Reyna, Josep Blanchart, Bruno Figueras and Josep Miarnau and is now helmed by Ana Vallés, all of them representing major companies in the Spanish construction sector.

The exhibition also serves to reflect the changing name of the event in its efforts to reflect the reality of the sector it represents. From the original Construmat in 1979 through to the 2017 name of Barcelona Building Construmat, not forgetting Beyond Building Barcelona-Construmat in 2015, the event has aspired to reflect the changing times through its name as well as the changes experienced by the sector and the show, which has always been committed to showcasing new products, reflecting the latest trends, and facilitating business between supply and demand, becoming over the decades the most emblematic event of its kind and a national benchmark.

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