2017 Social Housing

Talks Arena

The "Housing that Makes a City" Conference aims to get to the heart of the debate on the major challenges in relation to housing policy in Barcelona, outlining the areas in which work is being carried out and garnering experience, both local and international, in order to facilitate the identification of new methods of acting to inspire public, as well as private and social action.

The programme is structured around affordable housing and the various aspects involved in assuring the maintenance of the existing housing stock along with the generation of the new, providing for the protection of local residents and preventing their displacement.

We have counted on the City council of Barcelona as a curator of the 2017 Congress.


  • Núria Paron i Gill
    NÚRIA PARLON I GIL. Mayor of Santa Coloma de Gramenet.

    "Planning tools in housing renovation: Pirineus street"

  • Barbara Steenbergen
    BARBARA STEENBERGEN. International Union of Tenants.

    "Landlord and tenant unions: a mechanism for the protection of rights"

  • Jeroen Van der Veer
    JEROEN VAN DER VEER. Amsterdam Federation of Housing Associations.

    "The experiences of affordable housing associations"

+ Building renovation
+ Emergency housing
+ Citizens
+ Multifunctional models
A forum for debate and reflection involving representatives from every discipline connected to social housing, from public administrations to private enterprise: architecture, urbanism, technology, legal professionals, etc.

The major themes of the 2017 edition



The power of citizens in the conceptualisation, planning and execution of housing projects.



Housing policies

Housing policies and collective housing projects from the perspectives of urban planning, morphology, classification and environmental function.


Analysis of projects

Analysis of projects from the perspectives of management, multifunctional models, emergency housing and building renovation.


We have counted on the City council of Barcelona as a curator of the 2017 Congress.

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