towards zero waste

We are working to achieve a sustainable construction industry and introducing the means by which those attending the show can contribute Towards Zero Waste.

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Sustainable Barcelona Building Construmat is an initiative launched by the trade show organisers with the goal of reducing the generation of waste and increasing the efficient use of our resources, working on a strategic plan to make our cities more efficient, inclusive and sustainable.

It is based on the three main ways to generate less waste in line with the strategy of the European Commission on the Circular Economy:

- Cutting down on the use of materials
- Reusing and recycling products
- Not generating food waste

How to contribute to making BB Construmat a sustainable event:

Environmental advisory note

  • All of the restaurant and catering utensils used during the show will be made from compostable material sourced from suppliers holding PEFC certification.

  • We have solar panels on the roof of the venue, so that a large percentage of the energy used for the event comes from renewable sources.

  • The carpet laid in the aisles will be reused after the event.

  • As a result of the collaboration between BB Construmat and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), over 1000 trees will be given away during the event for visitors to plant so that, between all of us, we can reduce the emissions produced by the event.

No food waste

  • Separate bins for organic waste will be provided in the restaurants and temporary dining rooms.

  • The NGO Nutrition Without Borders will collect the leftover food so that it can be redistributed and used in community kitchens.

Reuse of materials

  • At the end of the event, all of the paper and materials used on the stands will be collected to be reused.

Use of fewer materials

  • Introduction of electronic management in billing procedures and registering for services.

  • QR codes will be positioned in strategic locations throughout the entire venue for downloading the event app.

  • The common areas of BB Construmat 2017 have been built using PEFC certified wood.