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Scheduled interviews and Networking between companies and Commercial Agents of the sector.

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Scheduled interviews between companies and commercial agents of the construction sector. The activity, free of charge, was aimed to the exhibitors who were looking to boost their business sales in Spain.

The space was promoted by the Association of Commercial Agents of Barcelona (COACB) and its exclusive platform of employment of the commercial sector        

To attract candidates we used the database of the Association of Commercial Agents (members of the construction sector) and it was communicated through the media resources of the Association.         

Companies had the opportunity to meet, in one space, all the candidates personally and value the skills of each of them. The interviews took 30 minutes per candidate.    

The exhibitors interested in participating in the activity had to fill out the registration form, indicating in detail the job offer and the commercial profile desired.          

All the offers received were grouped in an online catalogue that was sent to the members of the Association so they could register for the offer that most interested them.

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